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Kingdom Rush .1

Kingdom Rush

Help King Denas bolster the city's defenses! You will play the role of a noble, heroic warrior. Bring a battalion to Southport, and stop the roaming outlaws! You can build all types of defenses along the roads, including a mages' guild!


Burrito Bison Revenge .7

Burrito Bison Revenge

Chuck the Burrito Bison as far as possible! This distance launching game features unique power-ups and obstacles. Use the spinning meter to launch yourself out of the ring. You can drop punches on running creatures, and pop balloons to bounce further!


Sports Heads: Football .7

Sports Heads: Football

Bounce balls back and forth, and play new-age ping-pong! Enjoy arcade action and fast-paced gameplay in this fun, bighead adventure. During your matches, collect power-ups to score additional points. Play tournaments against the computer with a variety of pro footballers!

Bighead Football


Effing Worms - Xmas .7

Effing Worms - Xmas

Help the carnivorous worms find and devour Santa! You are challenged to eat prey in every Christmas-themed mission. Your mechanical and health stats will dwindle as time passes. Complete your objectives hastily to survive. Tiny, green elves don’t count as animals!

Monster Worms: Christmas


Warfare 1944 .5

Warfare 1944

Live through the intense action of World War II! This 1944 warfare game lets you play as the heroic American troops. Storm the beach battlefield with your army, and take total control! Dominate battles to upgrade troops and win the entire war!

Warfare: 1944


Stormy Castle .4

Stormy Castle

Gather your forces and take down the stormy castle! Your goal is to build up defenses and attack the opposing castle before they overtake yours. Choose between melee and archers for attacks. Purchase upgrades to boost your powers and defenses!


Sift Heads Assault 2 .4

Sift Heads Assault 2

Outlast your enemies in a series of action-packed gunfights! This Sift Heads sequel features new weapons and highly interactive levels. The objective is to eliminate all of your enemies without getting killed. Use cheat codes to gain special powers, including invincibility!

Sift Heads: Assault 2


Parking Mania 2 .3
Parking Mania 2

Parking Mania 2

Test your parking skills in wild scenarios! You must drive the car to the designated spot without crashing. Steer carefully to avoid hitting any objects in your path, and and collect coins along the way. Beat every challenge to become the parking master!

Original game title: Parking Mania Game


Dora's Bike Race .3
Dora's Bike Race

Dora's Bike Race

Race a regular bike through hilly forest tracks! Accelerate up hills, and go super fast downhill. Keep Dora the Explorer's bike upright, and collect balloons on your way to victory. Snatch every balloon, and race against the clock to win!

Original game title: Dora's Bike Ride


Run Ninja Run 2 .2

Run Ninja Run 2

Escape from danger with a speedy ninja! This Japanese action game will put your reaction speed to the test. In each round, you must run, jump, and slide past obstacles. You can also collect gold bars to spend on attribute upgrades!


Home Sheep Home 2: LL .2

Home Sheep Home 2: LL

Go on a cartoon adventure with 3 lost sheep in London! This platform jump game will challenge your reaction speed and puzzle-solving skills. During each level, you must figure out how to reach the destination point. Take great risks on the path to victory!

Home Sheep Home 2


Uphill Rush 5 .1

Uphill Rush 5

Put on your bathing suit, and race in the water park! You can compete in time trials or race directly against other riders. Gain speed to launch off of ramps and perform tricks in the air! Collect tons of money, and splash into victory lane!


Jolly Jong 2 .0

Jolly Jong 2

Play a vertical, 3D version of Mahjong! This modern board game features Asian graphics on classic tiles. Your job is to clear the entire board as quickly as possible. You can only remove pairs of identical tiles that are free on each side!


Formula Racer 2012 .0

Formula Racer 2012

Race high-powered Formula One cars all around the world! Tweak your car's engine power, handing, and boost speed. Choose the appropriate tires for each race, and go! Earn prize money for placing in each race, and purchase upgrades for your ride!


Super Mario Star Scramble 2 .9

Super Mario Star Scramble 2

Go on a completely new Mario World adventure with Super Mario Star Scramble 2! Based on the original series, this game features Koopalings, Toad, and your other favorite characters. Although the graphics and gameplay are classic, the exciting adventure is totally new!


Birthday Princess Dress-Up .6
Birthday Princess Dress-Up

Birthday Princess Dress-Up

Dress up the birthday girl in lovely clothes! Treat the princess with true class, and make her look as beautiful as possible! Wear tons of cute tops, and try on lovely skirts. Slip into a pair of boots or shoes, and place a gift on her lap!

Original game title: Birthday Princess


Barbie Party Makeover .4
Barbie Party Makeover

Barbie Party Makeover

Design hair and makeup for Barbie! The beautiful doll is getting ready for a big party. You can choose her hairstyle and color, and then move to makeup. Try different shades of eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Wear the perfect outfit!

Original game title: Barbie Loves to Party


Little Girl Eva Dress-Up

Little Girl Eva Dress-Up

Dress Eva in a brand-new outfit! First, you will design the hair and makeup for the lovely young girl. You can mix different colors to create a unique look. Then, try on different dresses and jewelry. Pose with an ice cream cone or lollipop!


Earn to Die 2012: Part 2

Earn to Die 2012: Part 2

Smash down undead fiends during a rampant zombie apocalypse! Steer over rugged terrain without flipping, and stay alert for shambling corpses. You can rack up points to spend on upgrades for your vehicle. Wreck all of the green monsters in sight!


Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2

Customize a heroic army to complete a campaign of challenging missions! Each soldier class features unique skills, weapons, and kill streaks. You can battle as an engineer, mercenary, general, juggernaut, or sniper. Your first mission takes place on an orbiting space station!


Truck Rush 3

Truck Rush 3

Drive a speedy truck through dirt tracks filled with deadly obstacles! Your mission is to race past every moving barrier and platform. Time your accelerations perfectly to cruise towards the red flag without crashing. Finish in record time to earn three stars!


Dino Shift 2

Dino Shift 2

Chomp on cubes, and conquer the dinosaur's enemies to survive! Your color-changing dinosaur can transform to clear each level. Plan your moves in advance, and react quickly to win in record time. Try to earn three stars in every zone!


Forbidden Arms

Forbidden Arms

Wield a cursed sword, and execute your enemies using brandish arts! You can compete as a slayer, hero, or brave fool. You must bathe in the blood of foes to regain BP during your journey. Perform the feral swipe and lunar pounce to inflict maximum damage!


Indian Mahjong

Indian Mahjong

Solve Mahjong puzzles filled with ancient Indian graphics! You are challenged to reveal and remove every pair of matching tiles. You can only play free pieces on each top level. Shuffle the tiles or ask for help to reveal a valid move!


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