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Engage in a World War II dogfight, launch missiles from a fighter jet, and fly to win in one of our many free, online air combat games! Travel through the air at 500+ mph, go to war in the sky, and showcase your flying sills in our air combat games! You can choose from hundreds of different aircraft, from all generations: ancient fantasy, World War II, and modern stealth planes! Use your mouse and keyboard to launch missiles, shoot high-powered rifles, and decimate your opponents. Our challenges take the battlefield into the sky, allowing you to shoot over deserts, land, and oceans. Go to war for the Army, Navy, or vigilante forces.

Naval Fighter .1

Fly an experimental, US Navy torpedo bomber...

Naval Fighter
Dogfight Aces .9

Engage in dogfights with famous military...

Dogfight Aces
F18 Strike Force .9

FA18 Strike Force

Fly an F18 Hornet fighter jet in the middle...

F18 Strike Force
Sky Warrior .9

Fly a US fighter jet during World War...

Sky Warrior
Hostile Skies .9

Fly fighter planes during World War I, and...

Hostile Skies
Torque Revo .9

Annihilate all of the enemy fighter...

Torque Revo
Battle of Britain .8

Eliminate bombers in a battle over...

Battle of Britain
Sky Knight 2 .5
Sky Knight 2
B29 Air Assault .7

B29 Assault

Journey through time to save past...

B29 Air Assault
Dogfight Sim .7
Dogfight Sim
Pacific War .6

Pilot your own experimental torpedo bomber...

Pacific War
Super Pilot .6

Protect humanity from an incoming swarm of...

Super Pilot
Time Fighter .5

Fly in a high-speed air battle across...

Time Fighter
Dukes and Dirigibles .5
Dukes and Dirigibles
Air Battle 2 .6
Air Battle 2
Desert War .4

Fly the chopper through deadly skies to win...

Desert War
Strategic Air Warfare .5


Plan your moves carefully, and destroy enemy...

Strategic Air Warfare
Bomber Bob .3

Shoot down invading planes to protect Bomber...

Bomber Bob
F-16 .3

Pilot an F-16 jet to win the war in the...

X Redhorn .5
X Redhorn
Steel Unicorn .3
Steel Unicorn
Naval Strike .3

Track and destroy enemy transports in the...

Naval Strike
Air Combat .1

Engage in mid-air dogfights, and shoot down...

Air Combat
Supersonic Air Force .2

Supersonic Air-Force

Shoot down enemy airplanes at supersonic...

Supersonic Air Force
Rocket Rush .2

Rush into battle with a rocket in an...

Rocket Rush
Fire In The Sky .2
Fire In The Sky
1918 Dogfight .2

The Red Baron 1918

Fly through sky, and support the Iron...

1918 Dogfight
Dino Air Warfare .2

Dino Yacht Club: The Game

Shoot down enemy aircraft as a flying...

Dino Air Warfare
Attack Iraq .2

Invade Iraq to destroy homes, kill Saddam’s...

Attack Iraq
F/A-18 Hornet .0

FA 18-Hornet

Fly an F/A-18 Hornet for the Australian Air...

F/A-18 Hornet
Strafe WW2 - Western Front

Fly in deadly missions as a pilot during...

Strafe WW2 - Western Front
Frantic Sky

Fire missiles in all directions to survive...

Frantic Sky
Heli Blitz
Heli Blitz
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