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Play traditional Breakout, blast blocks to smithereens, and have arcade-style fun in one of our many free, online Arkanoid games! Our Arkanoid games bring classic and modern arcade action right to your computer. Available for free, you can play all types of Breakout games, from traditional levels to outer space adventures! Shoot colored cubes, blow up block gems, and break the ice. Our breakout levels will entertain you for hours on end!

Maya Ball .9

Bounce Arkanoid balls off of ancient Mayan...

Maya Ball
Dark Arkanoid .8


Battle your way past evil...

Dark Arkanoid
Fairly OddParents Breakout .8

Break A Wish

Help the Fairly OddParents break colorful...

Fairly OddParents Breakout
Block Smasher .9

Play Arkanoid in every room of the...

Block Smasher
Arkanoid 2 .7

Bounce the ball upward to eliminate groups...

Arkanoid 2
Smash 2 .6

Control the power of your paddle, and smash...

Smash 2
Moby Blaster .3

Play high-octane Arkanoid inspired by Jonah:...

Moby Blaster
Ricobrix .5

Destroy brick clusters with a bouncing...

Smashing .5

Smash colorful bricks in classic Arkanoid...

Arkanoid 5 .5

Launch balls at moving bricks, and clear...

Arkanoid 5
Pinball Smash-Up .7

Pinball Smash Up

Bounce your pinball to smash clusters of...

Pinball Smash-Up
Crazy Graviton .3

Guide spinning metal through insane, neon...

Crazy Graviton
Galaktoid .1

Smack the Galaktoid ball to break bricks and...

Retro Ball .4


Bounce the retro ball to smash all of the...

Retro Ball

Bounce a submarine ball to catch fish in the...

Stickman Bricks .2


Shoot a ball at bloody stickmen and...

Stickman Bricks
Breakout War .1

Break all of the blocks without losing the...

Breakout War
Noidzor .0

Help Noidzor escape from Hell by breaking...

Bounce Coil .1

Swing the paddle to keep the ball in the...

Bounce Coil
Supermarket Arkanoid .0

Move customers through the lines at a...

Supermarket Arkanoid
Slam .0

Swap places with your opponent, and slam the...

Rescue The Pirate

Help the saddened buccaneers rescue their...

Rescue The Pirate
Queen's Quests

Follow the Queen’s orders, and clear the...

Queen's Quests
Cloud Breakout .1

Learn how to rule the sky as a cloud in...

Cloud Breakout
Moko Moko

Play Arkanoid with smooth gameplay and new...

Moko Moko
Block Arkanoid .0

Bounce a grey ball to bash colorful,...

Block Arkanoid
Sky Ball .0

Bounce balls into the air, and collect crazy...

Sky Ball
Bounce! .1

You’re a soldier tasked with turning on...

Snowball Arkanoid

Help Santa rescue Christmas gifts from...

Snowball Arkanoid
Crush Maniacs! .0

Crush the spaceships to proceed through each...

Crush Maniacs!
Soccer Pong


Kick the soccer ball across a circular...

Soccer Pong
Blocks Arkanoid

Break the blocks in a modern version of...

Blocks Arkanoid
Monochrome Breakout

Casse Briques

Play breakout with monochrome brick...

Monochrome Breakout
Breakout: Redesigned

Redesigning Breakout

Play high-speed breakout with brand new...

Breakout: Redesigned
Retro Arkanoid

Retronoid FS

Play Arkanoid with customized, totally...

Retro Arkanoid
Shark Breakout


Play Arkanoid with colorful bricks and fish...

Shark Breakout
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