Badminton Games

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Grab your racquet, pick a partner, and whack the shuttlecock over the net in one of our many free, online badminton games! Our collection features different courts, players, and rule sets. Just like in the real sport, you are challenged to smack the ball onto your opponent's side of the court. You can loft the shuttlecock high into the air, or smash it down to score quickly. Our collection also includes a Japanese version of badminton with crazy anime characters. Choose your player based on their unique abilities, and prepare to dominate the other team. Play the popular sport against the computer or a friend!

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Run, aim, and swing your way to victory in our badminton games. You can serve, block, and swing while playing any position on each team. If you enjoy realistic sports action, we have levels that feature accurate physics. Arcade players can partake in over-the-top challenges with bright stars and wild players. Compete against stick figures, world-class athletes, and cartoon characters. Work your way through the ranks, and hit the shuttlecock to become the champion!

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