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Play as Cartoon Network star Ben 10 and his alien-inspired friends in one of our many, free online Ben 10 games! Our Ben 10 collection highlights characters and events from the popular cartoon TV shows. You’ll be able to reenact sequences from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien in our Ben 10 games. Even play as the Ultimate Alien's pals and fight against evil alien forces. In our adventures, you’ll have access to the cartoon's weapons and special space vehicles, straight from the TV show! Also, several of our Cartoon Network-based challenges feature new characters and vehicles, such as a high-speed, high-flying motorcycle!

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No matter which Ben 10 adventure you choose, you’ll learn how to play instantly and be fighting villains and earning points right away! All of our games come with detailed control instructions. So, whether you’re flying a rocket ship, driving a motor vehicle, or running across an alien land, you’ll know exactly how to do it right away. You can become a master of alien forces, just like your favorite Cartoon Network fighter! Our Ben 10 games will teach you how to fight, run fly, or even solve puzzles as your favorite fighter and his friends!

Ben 10 Motorbike Rider.7

Ben10 Biker

Cruise through outdoor obstacle courses with...

Ben 10 Motorbike Rider
Ben 10 Street King.8
Ben 10 Street King
Heroes United.8

Help Ben 10 defeat...

Heroes United
Ben 10 Vs. Ninja.8

Ben 10 Vs Ninja

Fight against hordes of...

Ben 10 Vs. Ninja
Ben 10 Dress-Up.8

Ben 10 Dressup Game

Help Ben 10 get dressed before saving the...

Ben 10 Dress-Up
Ben 10 Skate Champ.8

Ben10 Skate Champ

Help Ben 10 ride his skateboard like a...

Ben 10 Skate Champ
Ben 10 Vs. Dr. Animo.8

Ben 10 Savage Pursuit

Swing from trees with Wildvine, and defeat...

Ben 10 Vs. Dr. Animo
Ben10 Alien Defense.7

Ben10 Aliens Defense

Fire your pump-action shotgun to slay aliens...

Ben10 Alien Defense
Ben 10 Quad .3

Race on Ben 10's quad bike through a...

Ben 10 Quad
Ben 10 Krakken Attack.5

Help Ben 10 defeat the evil...

Ben 10 Krakken Attack
Ben 10 Bomber.5

Help Ben 10 take down an onslaught of alien...

Ben 10 Bomber
Ben 10 Gang War.5

Help Ben 10 protect his...

Ben 10 Gang War
Ben 10 Colosseum Duels.5

Ben 10: At The Colosseum

Ride atop a regal steed, and engage in...

Ben 10 Colosseum Duels
Ben 10 Malware.6

Help Ben 10 defeat Malware and his evil...

Ben 10 Malware
Ben 10 Breakout.4

Ben 10 Blockade Blitz

Play classic Breakout action, Ben...

Ben 10 Breakout
Ben 10 Underworld Adventure.4

Ben 10 Underworld

Go underground, and blast away dangerous...

Ben 10 Underworld Adventure
Ben 10 Meteor Shower.4

Ben 10 Critical Impact

Save the world from a threatening meteor...

Ben 10 Meteor Shower
Omnitrix Gone Mad.3

Stop the Omnitrix from destroying the entire...

Omnitrix Gone Mad
Heatblast Street Run.3

Ben 10 Heat Blast

Run through dangerous city streets, and...

Heatblast Street Run
Ben 10 Cavern Run.3

Draw laser paths to help Ben 10 escape the...

Ben 10 Cavern Run
Ben 10 Fighter.3

Ben 10 Rampage

Travel to alien worlds, and defeat evil...

Ben 10 Fighter
Ben 10 Moto Rider.3

Ben10 Extreme Ride

Ride through the city on a neon green...

Ben 10 Moto Rider
Heatblast Strategy Shooter.2

Ben 10 Fireman

Launch fireballs, and drop giant bombs on...

Heatblast Strategy Shooter
Ben 10 Go Karts.2

Ben 10 Kart 2

Race through Mario World-based levels as Ben...

Ben 10 Go Karts
Ben 10 Spore Attack.2

Fly through the sky, and avoid attacks from...

Ben 10 Spore Attack
Ben 10's Alien Adventure.2

Ben 10:The Alien Device

Go on an in-depth mission with Ben...

Ben 10's Alien Adventure
Ben 10 Spy Car.4

Crash into your foes to destroy their...

Ben 10 Spy Car
Ben 10 Samurai Warrior.2

Ben 10 Ultimate Warrior

Learn samurai skills, and defeat champion...

Ben 10 Samurai Warrior
Ben 10 Blood Days.0
Ben 10 Blood Days
Ben 10 Jet Ski.2

Ben10 Jetski

Ride a tricked-out jet ski with Ben...

Ben 10 Jet Ski
Ben 10 Ship Pilot.2

Ride Ben 10's spaceship across alien...

Ben 10 Ship Pilot
Ben 10 Toxic Shooter.2

Ben 10 Toxic Hazard


Ben 10 Toxic Shooter
Jetray's Ocean Journey.2

Ben 10 Jetray into Deep

Navigate the dangerous depths of the ocean...

Jetray's Ocean Journey
Ben10 Turbo Racer.2
Ben10 Turbo Racer
Alien Molecule Puzzles.2

Ben 10 Grey Matters Polarity

Attract powerful molecules in an alien...

Alien Molecule Puzzles
Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle.2

Ben 10 Ultimate Hero Puzzle

Unscramble colorful pictures of Ben 10 and...

Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle

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