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Drive a speedboat across the water, ride a kayak down a raging river, and perform stunts in one of our many free, online boat games! Become a captain, and show off your skills in one of our water adventures. We have plenty of options to satisfy your water sport needs, including water races and stunt tracks. Shift into full throttle mode, and spin, flip, and catch big air in your very own ship! Our boat games are full of exciting action, featuring high speeds and tons of stunts. You can even power a boat through tracks reminiscent of the Hyrdo Thunder arcade games. The sights, sounds, and gameplay will keep you coming back for more!

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Our collection also features alternative water adventures. You can practice docking your ship in one of our watercraft parking games. In these boat games, you’ll race against the clock to park your ship without any damage. In other challenges, you can race pirate ships, speedboats, and even personal rafts. There is a wide variety of courses available, giving you the choice between river rapids, lakes, and vast oceans. For an arcade challenge, race bumpers on an enclosed track!

Rapid Rampage.7
Rapid Rampage
Ferry Boat Parking.6

Find treasures around the dock while...

Ferry Boat Parking
Pirate Race.7

Compete in a ruthless race with...

Pirate Race
Dock It.7

Sail around the world, and dock your ship in...

Dock It
Boat Challenges

Rib Challenge

Complete water missions on an RIB...

Boat Challenges
International Speed Boats.5

King of Power

Race in speed boats all around the...

International Speed Boats
Traffic Madness: Boats.5

Traffic Madness Boats

Handle absolute traffic madness in the...

Traffic Madness: Boats
Port Pilot.4

Deliver expensive cargo to the designated...

Port Pilot
Coast Runners.5


Race speedboats all over the...

Coast Runners
Jet Ski Drive.3

Blast across the open waters in your jet...

Jet Ski Drive
Canoe Sprint.3

Row as fast as possible to win the canoe...

Canoe Sprint
Extreme Speed Boat.3

Xtreme Speed Boat

Race colorful speed boats on challenging...

Extreme Speed Boat
Ultimate Jet Ski Race.3

Ultimate Jetski Race

Race for the finish line on your jet...

Ultimate Jet Ski Race
Swamp Parking.3
Swamp Parking
Bumper Craft.3

Steer a homemade hovercraft across...

Bumper Craft
Port Valet.1

Work as a port valet, and park boats for...

Port Valet
Island Cruisin'.1

Race against crazy animals in a bumper boat...

Island Cruisin'

Race 3D microboats on water courses around...

Pimp My Boat.1
Pimp My Boat
Storm Boat.1
Storm Boat
Unlimited Rescue.1

Save the people from their flooded homes...

Unlimited Rescue
Mini-Boat Racers.1

Miniboat Racers

Race a mini-boat across intense pond...

Mini-Boat Racers
Coast Guard.0

Defend the Petroleum Platform from...

Coast Guard
Jet Ski Parking.1

Steer your jet ski into the designated...

Jet Ski Parking
Submarine Wars

Blast other submarines in the...

Submarine Wars
Yacht Docking Worldwide

Dock expensive yachts in different locations...

Yacht Docking Worldwide
Rescue Force

Save the Men

Save the people from drowning in the...

Rescue Force
NYC Boat Parking
NYC Boat Parking
Boat Parking 3D.0

Drive and park boats next to amazing, 3D...

Boat Parking 3D
3D Powerboat Racing

3D Powerboat Race

Create big waves while racing against...

3D Powerboat Racing
River Rush

Guide your speedboat down a rushing river...

River Rush
Speed Boat Parking 2

Maneuver your speed boat through the...

Speed Boat Parking 2
Dock My Boat

Maneuver your boat into the correct spot on...

Dock My Boat
Powerboat Parking

Master the art of boat driving while parking...

Powerboat Parking
Yacht Docking

Dock your yacht in different ports around an...

Yacht Docking
Jeski Racer

Jetski Racer

Race across the rippling waters in a...

Jeski Racer

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