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Car Tuning Games

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F12 Tuning
86% Ferrari F12 TuningFerrari F12 Tuning
Create A Ride
80% Create a RideCreate a Ride
Dream Car Racing
80% Dream Car RacingDream Car Racing
Audi R8 Pimp
80% Audi R8 PimpAudi R8 Pimp
Drag Racer
79% Drag RacerDrag Racer
Pimp My Ride
79% Pimp My RidePimp My Ride
Drag Racer V3
79% Drag Racer V3Drag Racer V3
Flash Tuning Car GT
79% Tuning Car GT DesignTuning Car GT Design
Downtown Drift
79% Downtown Drift
Downtown Drift
Customize Your Ride
78% Customize Your RideCustomize Your Ride
78% Custom BMW M5Custom BMW M5
Volvo Motor Factory
78% Volvo Motor Factory
Volvo Motor Factory
Ultimate Drag Racer
78% Ultimate Drag RacerUltimate Drag Racer
Ferrari F430
77% Ferrarri F430 CustomizationFerrarri F430 Customization
Porsche Carrera
77% Custom PorscheCustom Porsche
Virtual Car Tuning 4
77% Virtual Car Tuning 4Virtual Car Tuning 4
American Drag Racer
77% American Drag Racer
American Drag Racer
Pimp My Viper
77% Pimp My ViperPimp My Viper
Tuning 4 Dates
77% Tuning 4 DatesTuning 4 Dates
Rolls Royce
77% Rolls Royce CustomizationRolls Royce Customization
77% Bugatti Car CustomizationBugatti Car Customization
American Racer
76% Custom American RacecarCustom American Racecar
Pimp My Evade
76% Pimp My EvadePimp My Evade
Time & Race: 700 BHP
76% Time & Race: 700 BHPTime & Race: 700 BHP
Convertible Supercar
76% Convertible Supercar CustomizationConvertible Supercar Customization
Mercedes Benz SLR
76% Pimp My Mercedes BenzPimp My Mercedes Benz
Fix Mini
76% Fix MiniFix Mini
Pimp my Sleigh
76% Pimp My SleighPimp My Sleigh
Pimp My Ride Game
75% Pimp My Ride GamePimp My Ride Game
Customize Your Ride 2
75% Customize Your Ride 2Customize Your Ride 2
Offroad Transporter
75% Offroad TransporterOffroad Transporter
Pimp My Mustang
75% Pimp My MustangPimp My Mustang
Ferrari 599
74% Pimp My Ferrari 599Pimp My Ferrari 599
Road Burner
74% Road BurnerRoad Burner
Virtual Car Tuning 2
74% Virtual Car Tuning 2Virtual Car Tuning 2
Pimp My Vantage
74% Pimp My VantagePimp My Vantage
Pimp My Hummer
74% Pimp My HummerPimp My Hummer
73% Pimp My BikePimp My Bike
Pimp My Veyron
73% Pimp My VeyronPimp My Veyron
Classic Sports Car
73% Classic Sports Car CustomizationClassic Sports Car Customization

Car Tuning Games


Our tuning collection puts you into the garage and onto the tracks with exciting action. In many of our tuning games, you can build racecars from scratch. Choose every aspect of your car, from the engine to body to paint design, and get ready to race. Tune your engine, tweak the suspension, and become a professional drag racer. Or, make ghetto-inspired modifications, and add flashy features to your car. Add flat-screen TVs, subwoofers, and showcase your car on the streets!

A true racer knows what sets apart a winner and loser is what's under the hood. Our tuning games give you ultimate control of your ride, allowing you to tweak every imaginable option. Choose between hundreds of tweaks, experiment with thousands of combinations, and find the perfect tune for your ride. Adjust horsepower, BHP, shorten your acceleration time, and increase your odds of winning! After your engine is tweaked, add a body kit and stylish paint job. Your roadster will be one-of-a-kind!