Car Combat Games

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Crash into other vehicles, run over criminal pedestrians, and wreak havoc in one of our many free, online car combat games! Highway outlaws, motorcycle madmen, and ambulance chasers are all characters in our car combat collection. You can race through dangerous city courses, speed across lengthy highways, and take down your opponents! Load up your gas tank, choose your weapons, and prepare for roadway battle. Full-fledged vehicular damage awaits you!

Battle Racers.1

Road Wolves

Put the pedal to the metal, and destroy your...

Battle Racers
Alien Invasion Survival.8
Alien Invasion Survival
Traffic Crashes.1

Crash Them All

Launch your car into busy traffic, and cause...

Traffic Crashes

Battle against deadly foes to join the...

Death Race Arena.9
Death Race Arena
Race to Kill.8

Become an underground racing...

Race to Kill
Fish Truck.7

Transport truckloads of fish to the...

Fish Truck
Mat Rempit : The Chase.7
Mat Rempit : The Chase
Evil Musclecars.7
Evil Musclecars
Chase 3D.7
Chase 3D
Mafia Rush.3
Mafia Rush
Alien Planet Escape.6

Escape from an alien planet during the...

Alien Planet Escape
Deadly Race.7

Deady Race

Crash into your opponents in the ultimate...

Deadly Race
Epic 911 Battle.5

Battle to be 911’s first responder at the...

Epic 911 Battle
Death Racers.6

Race in combative arenas against ruthless...

Death Racers
Madness Ambulation.5

Shoot and kill...

Madness Ambulation
Spy Hunter.5

Drive a speeding vehicle while eliminating...

Spy Hunter
Dead Paradise.5
Dead Paradise
Racing Guard.5
Racing Guard
Gang Battle.4

Ride your bicycle while shooting motorcycle...

Gang Battle
Last Car Standing.2
Last Car Standing
Madness on Wheels.4
Madness on Wheels
High-Speed Pursuit.3

High Speed Pursuit

Use your driving skills to advance through...

High-Speed Pursuit
Crazy Demolition.1

Destroy other cars in the ultimate...

Crazy Demolition
Underworld Appoint.2
Underworld Appoint
Highway Race.0

Hop into a hippie van, and drive safely to...

Highway Race
Ammo Chase

Race around the track while shooting at your...

Ammo Chase
Package Thief.0

Drive to steal and deliver packages at the...

Package Thief
Red Road Rage
Red Road Rage
Guns Of Apocalypse

Fire ammo in all directions to survive...

Guns Of Apocalypse
Bank Robbers Mayhem

You’re a bank robber on a mission to steal...

Bank Robbers Mayhem
Gangster Boys.0

Shoot cops while racing down the...

Gangster Boys
Total Takedown.9

Crash and blow up as many cars as...

Total Takedown
KGB Hunter.0

Prepare yourself for a deadly mission...

KGB Hunter
Killer Cars

Drive a car across the soccer field to mow...

Killer Cars
Camera Killer

Speed through the streets without getting...

Camera Killer

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