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Celebrity Dress Up Games

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Selena on Trip Dress Up
86% Selena on Trip Dress-UpSelena on Trip Dress-Up
SG Dress Up Game
84% SG Dress Up GameSG Dress Up Game
Shakira Make Over
84% Shakira MakeoverShakira Makeover
Beyonce Make Over
83% Beyonce Makeover 2Beyonce Makeover 2
Selena Dress Up
83% Selena Gomez MakeoverSelena Gomez Makeover
Selena Gomez: FRD
83% Selena Gomez: Fan Room DecorationSelena Gomez: Fan Room Decoration
Charming Selena
83% Charming Selena Dress-UpCharming Selena Dress-Up
Katy Perry Make-up
82% Katy Perry MakeoverKaty Perry Makeover
Super Starlet
82% Super StarletSuper Starlet
Rihanna Make Up 2
82% Rihanna Make Up 2Rihanna Make Up 2
Hollywood Hall of Fame 5
82% Hollywood Hall of Fame 5Hollywood Hall of Fame 5
Michael Jackson Dress-up
82% Michael Jackson Dress-UpMichael Jackson Dress-Up
Dressup Gal Selena Gomez
82% Dressup Gal Selena GomezDressup Gal Selena Gomez
Hollywood Hall of Fame 6
81% Hollywood Hall of Fame 6Hollywood Hall of Fame 6
Sweetheart Selena Gomez
81% Sweetheart Selena Gomez PuzzleSweetheart Selena Gomez Puzzle
Demi Lovato
81% Demi Lovato Makeover 2Demi Lovato Makeover 2
Hayden Panettiere Dress-up
81% Hayden Panettiere Dress-UpHayden Panettiere Dress-Up
Hollywood Hall of Fame 4
81% Hollywood Hall of Fame 4Hollywood Hall of Fame 4
Miley Cyrus Make-up
80% Miley Cyrus MakeoverMiley Cyrus Makeover
Selena Gomez Game
80% Selena Gomez Dress-UpSelena Gomez Dress-Up
Taylor Swift
80% Taylor Swift Makeover 2Taylor Swift Makeover 2
SG: Cooking Cookies
80% Selena Gomez: Cooking CookiesSelena Gomez: Cooking Cookies
Katy Perry Dress Up
80% Katy Perry Makeover 2Katy Perry Makeover 2
Zac Efron Dress-up
80% Zac Efron MakeoverZac Efron Makeover
Michael Jackson Makeover
80% Michael Jackson MakeoverMichael Jackson Makeover
80% Shakira Makeover 2Shakira Makeover 2
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 3
80% Hollywood Hall Of Fame 3Hollywood Hall Of Fame 3
SG: Celebrity Makeover
80% SG: Celebrity MakeoverSG: Celebrity Makeover
Vanessa Make Up
80% Vanessa Hudgens MakeoverVanessa Hudgens Makeover
Rihanna Makeover
79% Rihanna Makeover 3Rihanna Makeover 3
Tokio Hotel Dress-up
79% Tokio Hotel Dress-UpTokio Hotel Dress-Up
Sweet Selena Gomez Style
79% Sweet Selena Gomez StyleSweet Selena Gomez Style
Movie Star Dress Up
79% Movie Star Dress-UpMovie Star Dress-Up
Dress Up Katie Perry
79% Katy Perry Dress-UpKaty Perry Dress-Up
Zac Efron Make-up
79% Zac Efron Makeover 2Zac Efron Makeover 2
Rihanna Dress Up 2
79% Rihanna Dress Up 2Rihanna Dress Up 2
Stacy Ferguson
79% Stacy Ferguson MakeoverStacy Ferguson Makeover
Famous Popstar
78% Famous Pop Star Dress-UpFamous Pop Star Dress-Up
Anahi Make Up
78% Anahi MakeoverAnahi Makeover
Hollywood Hall Of Fame
78% Hollywood Hall Of FameHollywood Hall Of Fame

Celebrity Dress Up Games


In our celebrity dress up games, you’ll have fun choosing between thousands of dress, hair, and makeup options. Pick your favorite star, including actresses, singers, and Oscar-winning actors. Girls will love our characters, which include Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, and Hannah Montana. Select every aspect of your celebrity’s look, from clothes to shoes to hair and makeup. Your favorite Disney stars and singers are also included, such as Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff, and many more!

In our celebrity dress up games, you can apply eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and many other pieces of beautiful make-up. Turn Selena Gomez into a professional model, make Shakira's hair dazzle even more, and give Beyonce a brand new face! Our celebrity dress up challenges also include males, such as Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner from the Twilight series! Use your mouse to change hair color, add highlights, apply sunglasses, and choose entirely new outfits. Your favorite movie stars are waiting for salon treatment from you!