Housekeeping Games

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Clean up your messy room, have fun doing laundry, and earn points as a maid in one of our many free, online housekeeping games! Cleaning up is tons of fun in our housekeeping games. You can earn points and other rewards for tidying up your messy room, cleaning up after a party, and throwing away your trash. Pick up all of the dirty clothes from your floor, toss them into the laundry, and dispose of anything you no longer want! Our housekeeping collection is great for anyone who loves to have fun at home. Attack trash with a weaponized broom, recycle plastic goods, and show your neighbors who has the cleanest house on the block!

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Our housekeeping games are designed for you to have fun while tidying up. After cleaning up your room, you can go outside and engage in classic yardwork. Rake leaves, mow the lawn, and earn points! Or, take a trip to the junk yard, and earn cash for your disposed goods. We have housekeeping challenges for all players, providing educational fun, arcade action, and much more. You can even play basketball with your trash, crushing and recycling everything in sight!

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