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Funny Games

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87% BartenderBartender
Whack Your Ex
85% Whack Your ExWhack Your Ex
Homerun: Berzerk Ball
84% Flying NerdFlying Nerd
Under Cover
82% Under CoverUnder Cover
Trollface Quest 5
82% Trollface Quest 5Trollface Quest 5
Fortress Game
82% Sibling Fortress DuelSibling Fortress Duel
Turkey Fling
81% Turkey FlingTurkey Fling
Kill Justin Beaver
81% Kill Justin BeaverKill Justin Beaver
Trollface Quest
81% Trollface QuestTrollface Quest
My Dear Boss
80% Flying BossFlying Boss
Kick Out Kim
79% Kick Out KimKick Out Kim
Black House
78% Flying PresidentFlying President
Girl Fart
78% Girl FartGirl Fart
Save the Forest
78% Save the ForestSave the Forest
Funny Girlfriend
78% Funny GirlfriendFunny Girlfriend
Famous Paintings Parodies 4
77% Famous Paintings Parodies 4Famous Paintings Parodies 4
Shave A Star
77% Shave a StarShave a Star
Caesar's Day Off
76% Caesar's Day OffCaesar's Day Off
Dude, where's my Pants
76% Dude, Where's My Pants?Dude, Where's My Pants?
Cubikill 6
75% Cubikill 6Cubikill 6
Poo Dumper
75% Poop DeliveryPoop Delivery
Elevator Fart
75% Elevator FartsElevator Farts
Monkey Poo Fight
75% Monkey Poo FightMonkey Poo Fight
Trollface Quest 4
74% Trollface Quest 4Trollface Quest 4
Music Teacher Farts
74% Music Teacher FartsMusic Teacher Farts
Monkey Poo
74% Monkey Poo-SlingerMonkey Poo-Slinger
Naughty Girl Fart
74% Kitchen FartsKitchen Farts
74% Pooping BirdsPooping Birds
Ren & Stimpys Crazy Cannon
73% Flying StimpyFlying Stimpy
Trollface Quest 3
73% Trollface Quest 3Trollface Quest 3
73% PooperPooper
Jetfart Zombie
73% Jetfart ZombieJetfart Zombie
Merry Schmess Frenzy
72% Pooping SantaPooping Santa
Drunken Sexual Frat House
72% Frat House GamesFrat House Games
My Monster Ex's
72% My Monster Ex'sMy Monster Ex's
72% Dino PooperDino Pooper
Irritable Bowel Psycho
71% Irritable Bowel PsychoIrritable Bowel Psycho
Wizard Of Fart
70% The Farting WizardThe Farting Wizard
69% Bus Stop FartsBus Stop Farts
Get Off My Roof
69% Get Off My RoofGet Off My Roof

Funny Games


Our collection features all types of gameplay styles, from action to arcade to strategy. You’ll be able to play as a wide variety of characters, all of which are sure to make you laugh and have a great time. Play pranks on your opponents, make your enemies explode, and engage in all sorts of hilarious action! Our funny games provide some of the most joyful, entertaining, and laugh-filled fun you’ll ever have! And, every adventure in our comedy collection is completely free to play!

If you enjoy slick graphics and smooth gameplay, our collection is perfect for you. Use comical weapons, play as funny characters, and have an absolutely joyful time! You can play as a variety of humorous animal characters, including colorful ducks, monkeys, and other creatures. Or, play sports as a big-headed celebrity! Many of our funny games are modified versions of other video games; you’ll experience familiar gameplay but hilarious new additions in our collection!