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Launch Games

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Crush The Castle
87% Crush The CastleCrush The Castle
Laser Cannon 3
87% Laser Cannon 3Laser Cannon 3
Wonder Rocket
87% Wonder RocketWonder Rocket
Knightmare Tower
87% Knight's NightmareKnight's Nightmare
Shopping Cart Hero
86% Shopping Cart HeroShopping Cart Hero
Dummy Never Fails Community
86% Dummy Never Fails: CommunityDummy Never Fails: Community
Roly-Poly Cannon 2
86% Roly-Poly Cannon 2Roly-Poly Cannon 2
Crazy Penguin Catapult
86% Crazy Penguin CatapultCrazy Penguin Catapult
Rabbit Sniper 3
86% Rabbit Sniper 3Rabbit Sniper 3
Rocket Santa
86% Rocket SantaRocket Santa
Crush The Castle: Players Pack
86% Crush The Castle: Players PackCrush The Castle: Players Pack
Shopping Cart Hero 3
86% Shopping Cart Hero 3Shopping Cart Hero 3
Fly Squirrel Fly
86% Flying SquirrelFlying Squirrel
Learn To Fly
86% Learn To FlyLearn To Fly
Ricochet Kills 3
86% Ricochet Kills 3Ricochet Kills 3
Crush The Castle 2
86% Crush The Castle 2Crush The Castle 2
Canoniac Launcher Xmas
86% Christmas Cannon LauncherChristmas Cannon Launcher
Crush The Castle 2 Players Pack
86% Crush The Castle 2: Players PackCrush The Castle 2: Players Pack
Rabbit Sniper
86% Rabbit SniperRabbit Sniper
Potty Racers 4
86% Potty Racer 4Potty Racer 4
Rabbit Sniper 2
86% Rabbit Sniper 2Rabbit Sniper 2
86% Sandcastle BattleSandcastle Battle
I Am Flying To The Moon
86% I Am Flying to the MoonI Am Flying to the Moon
Flaming Zombooka
86% Flaming Zombie MonstersFlaming Zombie Monsters
Siege Master
85% Siege MasterSiege Master
Roly-Poly Cannon
85% Roly-Poly CannonRoly-Poly Cannon
Pirate Launch
85% Pirate LaunchPirate Launch
Penguin Heroes
85% Penguin HeroesPenguin Heroes
King's Game 2
85% King's Game 2King's Game 2
85% Cow LaunchCow Launch
Animal Wars
85% Animals WarsAnimals Wars
Ice Slide
85% Seal TossSeal Toss
Even More Bloons
85% Even More BloonsEven More Bloons
Ricochet Kills 2
85% Ricochet Kills 2Ricochet Kills 2
Cannibal Casserole
85% Cannibal CasseroleCannibal Casserole
Let The Bullets Fly
85% Let The Bullets FlyLet The Bullets Fly
Air Voltar
85% Air MinionAir Minion
Laser Cannon 2
85% Laser Cannon 2Laser Cannon 2
Canoniac Launcher
85% Canoniac LauncherCanoniac Launcher
Fleabag vs Mutt
84% Alley DuelAlley Duel

Launch Games


Our collection is perfect for any player looking for exciting action. You can fling any object you wish, from penguins to boulders to cannonballs! Teach penguins how to fly, learn how to destroy a castle, and defeat your opponents in our launching challenges. You can also engage in exciting Bloons action, shooting arrows and popping balloons. Our collection includes all sorts of aiming challenges, including dangerous knife challenges! Also, play other popular launching games, such as Angry Birds.

Learning to play our launching games takes no time at all; simply use your mouse to thrust your ammunition into the sky. Different levels have different physics engines, which will affect your gameplay and modify each challenges. Compete against others, and attempt to set high scores as you destroy everything in sight! The more damage you cause, or the further you launch your ammo, the more points you will earn. With many differently themed launching challenges and varying gameplay, you will be entertained for days!