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Management Games

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Cinema Time
88% Cinema TimeCinema Time
Burger Restaurant 4
88% Burger Restaurant 4
Burger Restaurant 4
Castle Hotel
86% Castle HotelCastle Hotel
Beauty Resort 3
86% Beauty Resort 3
Beauty Resort 3
Car Care Center
86% Car Care Center Car Care Center
Frenzy Garage
85% Frenzy GarageFrenzy Garage
Resort Empire
85% Resort EmpireResort Empire
Goodgame Empire
Goodgame Empire
Goodgame Empire
Island Tribe 2
85% Island Tribe 2Island Tribe 2
Jane's Hotel Mania
85% Jane's Fancy HotelsJane's Fancy Hotels
Frenzy Airport
85% Frenzy AirportFrenzy Airport
Big Farm
Big Farm
Big Farm
Jennifer Rose: FWF
85% Jennifer Rose: FWFJennifer Rose: FWF
Frenzy Animalclinic
85% Frenzy Animal Clinic
Frenzy Animal Clinic
Mars Colonies
85% Mars ColoniesMars Colonies
Forge of Empires
Forge of Empires
Forge of Empires
Cake Mania 2
85% Cake Mania
Cake Mania
Beach Fruity Snack
85% Beach Fruity SnackBeach Fruity Snack
Ladies Spa Resort
84% Ladies' Spa ResortLadies' Spa Resort
Anno Online
Anno Online
Anno Online
Royal Envoy
84% Royal EnvoyRoyal Envoy
Top That 2
84% Mime's RestaurantMime's Restaurant
Cargo Shipment: San Francisco
84% Cargo Shipment: San FranciscoCargo Shipment: San Francisco
Grow Island
84% Grow an IslandGrow an Island
Youda Marina
84% Custom MarinaCustom Marina
Goodgame Cafe
84% Goodgame CafeGoodgame Cafe
Avie Christmas Style
84% Avie Christmas Style
Avie Christmas Style
Multishop Tycoon
84% Multishop TycoonMultishop Tycoon
Laundry Day
83% Laundry DayLaundry Day
Panda Restaurant 2
83% Panda Restaurant 2Panda Restaurant 2
Airport Madness 3
83% Airport Madness 3Airport Madness 3
Ice Cream Stall
83% Ice Cream StallIce Cream Stall
Bed and Breakfast 3
83% Bed and Breakfast 3Bed and Breakfast 3
Shop Empire
83% Shop EmpireShop Empire
Beauty Resort
83% Beauty ResortBeauty Resort
83% Gather XGather X
Now Boarding
83% Airline ManagementAirline Management
Ashtons Family Resort
83% Winter Family ResortWinter Family Resort
Beach Party Craze
83% Beach Party CrazeBeach Party Craze
Youda Survivor 2
83% Youda Survivor 2Youda Survivor 2

Management Games


Our management games take you out of the office and into the exciting world of real-time strategy. You can own a bustling restaurant, take care of a crying baby, or run a lively paper route. In our management challenges, you’ll make key decisions and try to score as many points as possible before time runs out. You can earn big, virtual cash, and set a new high score! There’s fun to have in a variety of environments, from casual dining restaurants to beach bars to hair salons. Pick your preferred place, and manage your way to the top!

Most of our management games are controlled with simple mouse clicks and keystrokes. You can lead an entire staff of waiters or control the events of a town in seconds. Our management challenges are designed for you to have fun; there are no boring tasks available -- only action! You’ll learn to become a star restaurant manager, mall owner, or dirt bike designer, and have a blast in the process! We host the perfect strategy games for real-time fun and action. Make wise choices, and reap the rewards!