Mario Games

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Re-live the excitement of the N64 World and play as Mario, Luigi, and other classic characters in our free, online Mario games! Play classic side-scrolling action, or jump, race, swim, and even fly in a variety of different Mario World challenges. Many genres are covered, from the classic format to racing to puzzle. All Mario games feature at least one character from the classic video game series, but most games feature even more. Play alongside one of the famous video game character's companions, such as Luigi, Yoshi, or even Princess Peach in these adventures. If you're looking for an extra challenge, many challenges will allow you to compete against Bowser or several other frightening enemies!

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Easy-to-use controls and a quick learning curve are an integral part of all Mario games. Most often, you'll control him using only the arrows on your keyboard. You can run, jump, and drive your character through a variety of environments using four simple keys. In other Mario challenges, you can use the mouse for full control, moving around the screen and clicking to perform stunts. Aside from typical N64-based fun, several games feature alternative action, such as golfing or riding a dirt bike. In themed golfing games, you can hit golf balls through pipes and around obstacles such as mushrooms. In themed dirt bike games, you'll ride and perform tricks in the Nintendo 64 World environment.

Mario Shoot Zombies.1

Mario Shoot Zombie

Shoot all of the zombies that have invaded...

Mario Shoot Zombies
Mario Coin Collector.4

Drive Mario's pickup truck to collect all of...

Mario Coin Collector
Mario Go Adventure.8

Protect Toy Mario in Donkey Kong's dangerous...

Mario Go Adventure
Mario Shooter 2.3

Mario wants to shoot all of his bubbled...

Mario Shooter 2
Mario Kills Monsters.9

Help a rampaging, miniature Mario slaughter...

Mario Kills Monsters
Mario Kart 64.7
Mario Kart 64
Super Mario 63.9

When you blend original Nintendo, SNES, and...

Super Mario 63
Mario Shoot Balloon.9

Blast balloons out of the sky with Mario's...

Mario Shoot Balloon
Super Mario Flash 3.9

Play as Mario or Luigi in this direct port...

Super Mario Flash 3
Mario Mars Exploration.9

Help Mario exploit resources on...

Mario Mars Exploration
Mario Tractor Multiplayer.9

Go on a racing adventure with your favorite...

Mario Tractor Multiplayer
Super Chick Sisters.8

Evil Colonel Sanders is on the loose, and...

Super Chick Sisters
Mario Launch.8

Mario Toss

Catapult Mario into the sky, blast him as a...

Mario Launch
Super Mario Crossover 2.8

The world's best crossover gaming experience...

Super Mario Crossover 2
Mario Extreme Adventure.7

Mario Xtreme Adventure

Collect coins in front of Princess Peach's...

Mario Extreme Adventure
Mario Space Racing.7

Help Mario beat the other pilots in the...

Mario Space Racing
Gunslinging Mushrooms.6
Gunslinging Mushrooms
Mario Starcatcher.7

Solve puzzles in Mario World, collect stars...

Mario Starcatcher
Super Mario Bomb.7

Plant cartoon bombs, blow up fences, and...

Super Mario Bomb
Mario Trolley.7

Race Mario across the course in a trolley...

Mario Trolley
Mario Monster Truck Ride.6
Mario Monster Truck Ride
Mario Bros Defense.7

Help Mario and Luigi defend Princess Peach...

Mario Bros Defense
Yoshi World.7


Hop through Nintendo-based levels, stomp on...

Yoshi World
Mario Mushrooms.5
Mario Mushrooms
Mario Rainbow Island 2.7

Help Mario and Princess Peach survive an...

Mario Rainbow Island 2
Super Mario Forever.6

Mario Forever Flash

Play authentic Super Mario action with even...

Super Mario Forever
Mario Fire Adventure.6

Mario is trapped deep within a fiery...

Mario Fire Adventure
Super Mario ATV Rush.6
Super Mario ATV Rush
Mario Mushroom Adventure.6

Go on a retro adventure with...

Mario Mushroom Adventure
Mario Musketeers.6
Mario Musketeers
Toon Enduro Challenge.5
Toon Enduro Challenge
Luigi Shoot Zombie.6
Luigi Shoot Zombie
Angry Mario Vs. Goomba.6

AngryMario VS Goomba

Blast your cannon to kill all of the...

Angry Mario Vs. Goomba
Mario Battle.5
Mario Battle
Super Mario Moto.6

Hop onto a trial bike, and backflip through...

Super Mario Moto
Mario Egg Delivery.8
Mario Egg Delivery

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