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Solve puzzling mysteries, and take frightening journeys in one of our many free, online Point & Click Adventure games! Our collection provides tons of fun for players of all ages. You can explore haunted houses, scary caves, and ancient castles in our many challenges. Just use your mouse to reveal clues and hidden objects, advancing you through thousands of levels. Our Point & Click Adventure collection includes several popular game series, such as Hapland, Stickman Adventure, and Submachine! Best of all, you can play all of our Point & Click Adventure games completely for free!

Saucy Devil Gordon

Hunt for treasures on a mysterious...

Saucy Devil Gordon
The Deal of the Gods

Solve puzzles with Alexia Crow to save...

The Deal of the Gods
Naughty College Days

Play naughty pranks on your classmates and...

Naughty College Days
Bowja 2.6

Help Bowja stop Bigman's deadly missile...

Bowja 2
Abuba the Alien.5

Help Abuda the Alien recover after...

Abuba the Alien
Bowja 3.6

Return the Omamori to the Caves of...

Bowja 3
Amateur Surgeon Christmas.5
Amateur Surgeon Christmas
Celebrity Hunt.5

Snap scandalous pictures of popular...

Celebrity Hunt
Stickman Death Office.3

Create a chain reaction to slaughter all of...

Stickman Death Office
We Are Friends.5

Help Xomo, Yomo, and Zomo escape from the...

We Are Friends
Soda Chase.6

Help a thirsty skateboarder find the nearest...

Soda Chase
Soldier Diary.5

Help the Green army soldier escape from the...

Soldier Diary
Larva Dream.4

Help Larva Marv achieve his dream of...

Larva Dream

Explore items in the windowsill to begin an...

The Proposal.4

You have four hours to solve the mystery of...

The Proposal
3 Pandas.4

Guide 3 pandas back to the wild after being...

3 Pandas
Alien's Quest.4

Assist the stranded alien on its quest to...

Alien's Quest
Library Slacking.6

Sarah is doing her homework in the library,...

Library Slacking
Christmas Slacking.3

Sarah is working for Christmas, but she...

Christmas Slacking
Dum Dum's Iron Golem.3

Dum Dum

Explore dangerous territories, and defeat an...

Dum Dum's Iron Golem
Tube Crisis.3

Make train passengers clear space for...

Tube Crisis
Where's My Cat?.3

Where Is My Cat

Help the grandmother find her missing...

Where's My Cat?
Naughty Mall.4

Cause mischief as a naughty onlooker at the...

Naughty Mall
Chrono Days Sim Date.2

Simulate dates with a group of realistic...

Chrono Days Sim Date
A Dralien Day.3

Rescue Dralien’s mom from a group of evil...

A Dralien Day
Kumba Vs. Evil Penguin.3

Kumba vs the Evil Penguin

Travel with Kumba on a journey to save the...

Kumba Vs. Evil Penguin
Supermarket Slacking.4

Sarah is slacking while working at her...

Supermarket Slacking
Round World.3

Help Rato prove the world is...

Round World
Johnny Finder.3

Retrieve the Cup of Absolute Power from the...

Johnny Finder
Creative Kill Chamber.3

Pick up deadly weapons, and slay your...

Creative Kill Chamber
Douchebag Workout 2.5

Join the gym to boost your self-esteem and...

Douchebag Workout 2
High School Escape.3
High School Escape
Turtles' Harvest.2

Turtles Harvest

Recover all of the stolen mushrooms for Papa...

Turtles' Harvest
Mayan God.2

Become a powerful Mayan god to fulfill your...

Mayan God
Naughty Yearbook.2

Play naughty pranks on gossiping...

Naughty Yearbook
Stoneage Sam 2.2

Survive a prehistoric winter with Stoneage...

Stoneage Sam 2

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