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Sudoku Games

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Sudoku Remote
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Chain Sudoku Light V.1
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Basic Sudoku
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Just Sudoku
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Color Sudoku
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62% BlobokuBloboku

Sudoku Games


If you're a fan of logic-based puzzles, you'll love our wide selection of Sudoku games. You can play tons of different variations, giving you new boards, numbers, and symbols with which to play. Most levels in our collection feature original Sudoku rules, taking the familiar puzzle game to your computer screen. Simply fill in the game squares with the correct values, without repeating any numbers within a section, row, or column. Combinatorial puzzles have never been more fun!

Our Sudoku games are designed for all types of players. Advanced puzzle solvers will feel right at home, with our large array of difficult and complicated levels. Novice players can start with basic puzzles, which give more starting numbers and even teach you how to play! We have Sudoku action for every range of skill level and age. For an alternative challenge, try one of our Bermuda Triangle puzzle games. Or, use your cooking skills to complete a Sushi-based challenge!