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Simpsons Games

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Simpsons Bike Rally
83% Simpsons Bike RallySimpsons Bike Rally
Homers Donut Run 2
82% Homer's Donut Run 2Homer's Donut Run 2
Bart Boarding 2
81% Bart Boarding 2Bart Boarding 2
The Simpson Shooting
81% Simpsons Water FightSimpsons Water Fight
Bart Kart
80% Bart KartBart Kart
Tiles Of The Simpsons
80% Simpsons MahjonggSimpsons Mahjongg
Bart Simpson Skateboarding
80% Bart Simpson SkateboardingBart Simpson Skateboarding
Kick Ass Homer
80% Launching HomerLaunching Homer
Bart Simpson Dress Up
80% Bart Simpson Dress-UpBart Simpson Dress-Up
The Ball Of Death
79% The Ball of DeathThe Ball of Death
Lisa Simpson Saw Game
79% Simpson Saw GameSimpson Saw Game
Homer's Donut Run
79% Homer's Donut RunHomer's Donut Run
Simpsons Arcade
79% Simpsons GunfightSimpsons Gunfight
Coloring The Simpsons
78% Simpsons ColoringSimpsons Coloring
Lisa Simpson Dress Up
78% Lisa Simpson Dress UpLisa Simpson Dress Up
Simpsons Bart Rulez
78% Simpsons ShootoutSimpsons Shootout
Bart Factory Truck
78% Bart's Factory TruckBart's Factory Truck
Homer the Flanders Killer 4
78% Homer the Flanders Killer 4Homer the Flanders Killer 4
Bart Saw Game 2
78% Bart Saw Game 2Bart Saw Game 2
Simpsons Slingshot
78% Simpsons SlingshotSimpsons Slingshot
Barts Cart
78% Bart's Dune BuggyBart's Dune Buggy
Simpsons Adventures
78% Homer WorldHomer World
Homer the Flanders Killer 3
77% Homer the Flanders Killer 3Homer the Flanders Killer 3
Simpsons Family Race
77% Simpsons Family RaceSimpsons Family Race
Bart Simpsons Skateboard
77% Bart Simpsons SkateboardBart Simpsons Skateboard
Simpsons 3d Kart
77% Simpsons Go-KartsSimpsons Go-Karts
Simpsons Car Parking
77% Simpsons Car ParkingSimpsons Car Parking
Bart Simpson Defense
77% Bart Simpson DefenseBart Simpson Defense
Simpsons Bart Rampage
77% The Simpsons: Bart RampageThe Simpsons: Bart Rampage
Homer the Flanders Killer 5
76% Homer the Flanders Killer 5Homer the Flanders Killer 5
The Simpsons BMX Game
76% Simpsons BMXSimpsons BMX
Simpsons Bike Ride
76% Simpsons Bike RideSimpsons Bike Ride
Simpsons Zombie Game
76% Simpsons ZombiesSimpsons Zombies
The Simpsomaker
75% The SimpsomakerThe Simpsomaker
Lisa's Bike Ride
75% Lisa's Bike Ride Lisa's Bike Ride
Simpsons Home Interactive
75% Simpsons: Interactive HomeSimpsons: Interactive Home
Flanders Killer 6
75% Flanders Killer 6Flanders Killer 6
Homer Simpson Saw Game
75% Homer Simpson Saw GameHomer Simpson Saw Game
Krusty Circus Car Ride
74% Krusty Circus Car RideKrusty Circus Car Ride
Simpsons 3 Card Moe
73% Simpsons: 3-Card MonteSimpsons: 3-Card Monte

Simpsons Games


Our Simpsons games feature all of your favorite characters from the TV series. You can ride skateboards and motorcycles as Bart, explore the Simpsons house as Homer , or even play as Mo or Sideshow Bob! Our Duff-sponsored challenges are available in a wide variety of genres, from adventure to action to puzzles. You can run, jump, and collect Duff beer as Homer in a side-scrolling game, or ride as Bart across Springfield hills. Several of our Matt Groening-inspired games even let you reenact scenes from the TV show!

In most of our Simpsons games, you can control characters using only the keys on your keyboard. Controls are easy to learn and fun to use, and you’ll love the authentic, smooth graphics and gameplay. In one challenge, you can even play through scenes from The Simpsons Movie! If you enjoy puzzles, try a game of themed Mahjong or Bejeweled. And for girls, our collection includes a Bart dress up game, where you can put Bart in any pair of clothes!