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Play as Bart Simpson, Homer, and others from the world’s longest running TV show in one of our free, online Simpsons games! Our Simpsons games feature all of your favorite characters from the TV series. You can ride skateboards and motorcycles as Bart, explore the Simpsons house as Homer , or even play as Mo or Sideshow Bob! Our Duff-sponsored challenges are available in a wide variety of genres, from adventure to action to puzzles. You can run, jump, and collect Duff beer as Homer in a side-scrolling game, or ride as Bart across Springfield hills. Several of our Matt Groening-inspired games even let you reenact scenes from the TV show!

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In most of our Simpsons games, you can control characters using only the keys on your keyboard. Controls are easy to learn and fun to use, and you’ll love the authentic, smooth graphics and gameplay. In one challenge, you can even play through scenes from The Simpsons Movie! If you enjoy puzzles, try a game of themed Mahjong or Bejeweled. And for girls, our collection includes a Bart dress up game, where you can put Bart in any pair of clothes!

Simpsons Mahjongg .0

Tiles Of The Simpsons

Solve challenging tile puzzles featuring The...

Simpsons Mahjongg
Simpsons Gunfight .0

Simpsons Arcade

Protect Springfield from evil...

Simpsons Gunfight
Homer the Flanders Killer 3 .0

Slay the Flanders family with Homer's...

Homer the Flanders Killer 3
Homer the Flanders Killer 4 .9

Slaughter the entire Flanders family for...

Homer the Flanders Killer 4
The Ball of Death .8

Help Home collect special objects in the...

The Ball of Death
Simpsons Water Fight .9

The Simpson Shooting

Shoot bullies and teachers with water...

Simpsons Water Fight
Simpsons Car Parking .5
Simpsons Car Parking
Bart Simpson Dress-Up .8

Bart Simpson Dress Up

Give Bart Simpson a full fashion...

Bart Simpson Dress-Up
Bart Saw Game 2 .8
Bart Saw Game 2
Bart's Factory Truck .7

Bart Factory Truck

Help Bart Simpson deliver cargo across...

Bart's Factory Truck
Bart Simpson Defense .7

Defend Bart Simpson against the...

Bart Simpson Defense
Simpson Saw Game .6

Lisa Simpson Saw Game

Help Lisa Simpson rescue her family from the...

Simpson Saw Game
Simpsons Coloring .6

Coloring The Simpsons

Create a beautiful painting of the Simpsons...

Simpsons Coloring
Bart Boarding 2 .8
Bart Boarding 2
Simpsons Slingshot .6

Shoot rocks at plants in the Simpsons'...

Simpsons Slingshot
Homer World .6

Simpsons Adventures

Play Mario-style action with Homer...

Homer World
Bart's Dune Buggy .5

Barts Cart

Perform tricks in a super-charged dune...

Bart's Dune Buggy
Simpsons Zombies .5

Simpsons Zombie Game

Blast Springfield's undead to bloody...

Simpsons Zombies
The Simpsomaker .4

Create your very own Simpsons...

The Simpsomaker
Simpsons: Interactive Home .4

Simpsons Home Interactive

Perform activities in the Simpsons'...

Simpsons: Interactive Home
Lisa Simpson Dress Up .4
Lisa Simpson Dress Up
Simpsons Go-Karts .4

Simpsons 3d Kart

Race cartoon go-karts with Bart, Lisa,...

Simpsons Go-Karts
Lisa's Bike Ride .3

Join Lisa Simpson on a wild bicycle...

Lisa's Bike Ride
Simpsons: 3-Card Monte .3

Simpsons 3 Card Moe

Play a variation of the shell game with Moe...

Simpsons: 3-Card Monte
Bart Simpson: Saw

Bart Simpson - Saw

Help Bart Simpson escape from his school and...

Bart Simpson: Saw
Simpsons Bike Ride .3
Simpsons Bike Ride
Bart Simpson ATV Drive .3
Bart Simpson ATV Drive
Marge Simpson Dress-Up

Dress Up Your Marge

Try on all different types of outfits with...

Marge Simpson Dress-Up
Bart Snow Ride 2 .2
Bart Snow Ride 2
Simpsons Treasure Hunt .2

Find hidden coins in detailed Simpsons...

Simpsons Treasure Hunt
Bart Simpsons Skateboard .0
Bart Simpsons Skateboard
Simpsons: Zombie Attack .1

Simpsons Town Defense

Protect Springfield from incoming waves of...

Simpsons: Zombie Attack
Simpsons Jigsaw Puzzle .1

Complete puzzles of beautiful Simpsons...

Simpsons Jigsaw Puzzle
Super Simpsons World .1
Super Simpsons World
Bart's Bike Adventure .0

Bart Bike Adventure

Race with Bart Simpson from a smooth...

Bart's Bike Adventure
Simpsons Family Race

Race as Homer against the rest of the...

Simpsons Family Race
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