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Tom and Jerry Games

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Jerrys Diner
81% Jerry's DinerJerry's Diner
Tom and Jerry Cheese War
81% Tom and Jerry Cheese WarTom and Jerry Cheese War
Tom And Jerry: Rig-A Bridge
81% Tom And Jerry: Rig A BridgeTom And Jerry: Rig A Bridge
Tom and Jerry Tractor
80% Tom and Jerry TractorTom and Jerry Tractor
Jerry Car Stunt
79% Jerry's Car StuntJerry's Car Stunt
79% Refriger-RaidersRefriger-Raiders
Cheese War 2
79% Tom and Jerry's Cheese War 2Tom and Jerry's Cheese War 2
Tom Kissing
79% Tom KissingTom Kissing
Jerry Bombing Helicopter
79% Jerry's Bombing HelicopterJerry's Bombing Helicopter
Tom and Jerry Bowling
79% Tom and Jerry BowlingTom and Jerry Bowling
Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes
79% Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock HolmesTom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes
Tom and Jerry Tractor 2
79% Tom and Jerry Tractor 2Tom and Jerry Tractor 2
Tom & Jerry:Rig-A Bridge
79% Jerry's BridgesJerry's Bridges
Mr and Mrs Jerry Kissing
78% Jerry's Secret KissesJerry's Secret Kisses
Tom Dress Up
78% Tom Dress UpTom Dress Up
Museum Adventure
78% Tom and Jerry Museum Adventure Tom and Jerry Museum Adventure
School Adventure
78% Tom and Jerry: School AdventureTom and Jerry: School Adventure
Toms Trap-o-matic
78% Tom's Trap-O-MaticTom's Trap-O-Matic
Tom & Jerry Bowling
78% Tom & Jerry BowlingTom & Jerry Bowling
Run Jerry Run
78% Running from TomRunning from Tom
Tom Christmas Flying
78% Tom Christmas FlyingTom Christmas Flying
Super Jerry 2
78% Super Jerry 2Super Jerry 2
Tom And Jerry: MSH
78% Tom And Jerry: MSHTom And Jerry: MSH
Tom and Jerry HS
78% Tom and Jerry HSTom and Jerry HS
Tom and Jerry Bomberman
78% Tom and Jerry BombermanTom and Jerry Bomberman
Tom and Jerry Coloring 2
78% Tom and Jerry Coloring 2Tom and Jerry Coloring 2
What's the Catch?
77% What's the Catch?What's the Catch?
Tom and Jerry Iceballs
77% Tom and Jerry IceballsTom and Jerry Iceballs
Tom & Jerry
77% Tom & JerryTom & Jerry
Midnight Snack
77% Jerry's Midnight SnackJerry's Midnight Snack
Jerry Dress Up
77% Jerry Dress-UpJerry Dress-Up
Tom and Jerry Cheese Hunt
77% Tom and Jerry Cheese Hunt Tom and Jerry Cheese Hunt
Tom Kissing 2
76% Tom Kissing 2Tom Kissing 2
Tom & Jerry:Cat Crossing
76% Tom & Jerry: FroggerTom & Jerry: Frogger
Tom and Jerry HA
76% Tom and Jerry HATom and Jerry HA
Tom and Jerry - Ice Ball
76% Flying JerryFlying Jerry
Tom and Jerry Hit Ground
76% Tom and Jerry Hit GroundTom and Jerry Hit Ground
Tom and Jerry Puzzle
76% Tom and Jerry PuzzleTom and Jerry Puzzle
Jerry Motorcycle
76% Jerry's MotorcycleJerry's Motorcycle
Tom And Jerry Moto
76% Tom And Jerry MotocrossTom And Jerry Motocross

Tom and Jerry Games


Bring the excitement of cartoons into your home with our collection of Tom and Jerry games. Play as the mouse or cat, and engage in exciting cartoon action! Our Tom and Jerry collection is fun for all ages, from young players to older fans of the original cartoons. Choose from action games to strategy, and even construct a virtual jigsaw puzzle of the famous cat and mouse. Steal cheese from Tom or try to trap Jerry in the house; there are many games available for hours and hours of fun!

Many of our Tom and Jerry games feature graphics straight from the cartoons. You’ll recognize their classic faces instantly, and dive right into the action. Dress up Jerry in your favorite outfit, and ride a mini bike at record speeds! With cat-chasing-mouse action, you’ll use your keyboard to escape his grasp on a high-speed mini bike. Or, take Tom onto the water, and ride the waves on a pair of jet skis! Perform big stunts and earn points before the clock hits zero in our Tom and Jerry challenges. At the end of the night, go bowling, and try for a perfect game!