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Wrestling Games

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Wack Wrestling Challenge
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Wrestling Legends
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BC: Arm Wrestling
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Paper Sumo
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Arm Fight
68% Arm Wrestling 2Arm Wrestling 2
ICW - Backyard Brawl
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Desert Operations
Desert Operations
Desert Operations
Sumo Tournament
67% Sumo Wrestling TournamentSumo Wrestling Tournament
Monster Poolside Sumo
66% Bumper Boat Fighters 2Bumper Boat Fighters 2
Gus Vs. Bus
51% Gus Vs. BusGus Vs. Bus

Wrestling Games


If you enjoy the WWE, ECW, and amateur wrestling action, you’ll love our wide gaming selection. You can choose all of your favorite wrestlers, get into the ring, and face off against frightening opponents! Our challenges give you pay-per-view entertainment completely for free. Re-enact matches from Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, and Monday Night Raw; or, start your own Royal Rumble! Turn your fantasies into reality with our wrestling games!

Our wrestling games feature real stunts and moves from your favorite WWE stars. Perform vertical suplexes, dropkick your opponents, and finish them with a giant powerbomb! In our wrestling challenges, you’ll use your keyboard to control your wrestler, make moves, and win matches. You’ll learn to punch, kick, and pin your opponents in no time at all! Choose your wrestler, pick your favorite venue, and get ready to rumble. Our collection is great for players of all ages!