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Zombie Games

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Earn to Die 2012: Part 2
88% Earn to Die 2012: Part 2Earn to Die 2012: Part 2
Zombie Fight Club
87% Zombie Fight ClubZombie Fight Club
Infectonator 2
86% Infectonator 2Infectonator 2
Boxhead More Rooms
86% Boxy Zombies: Rooms 2Boxy Zombies: Rooms 2
Boxhead Rooms
86% Boxy Zombies: RoomsBoxy Zombies: Rooms
Mass Mayhem - EBZA
86% Mass Mayhem - EBZAMass Mayhem - EBZA
Zombotron 2
86% Alien Zombies 2Alien Zombies 2
Goodgame Empire
Goodgame Empire
Goodgame Empire
Endless Zombie Rampage
86% Endless Zombie RampageEndless Zombie Rampage
Decision 2
86% Midnight Zombies 2Midnight Zombies 2
86% RazeRaze
Tribal Wars
Tribal Wars
Tribal Wars
Zombie Trailer Park
86% Zombie Defense: Trailer ParkZombie Defense: Trailer Park
Dead Zed 2
86% Dead Zed 2Dead Zed 2
Zombie Hunters Online
86% Zombie Hunters OnlineZombie Hunters Online
Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes
The Last Stand 2
86% The Last Stand 2The Last Stand 2
Boxhead Zombie Wars
86% Boxy Zombie WarsBoxy Zombie Wars
86% ZombotronZombotron
Aura Kingdom
Aura Kingdom
Aura Kingdom
Zombie Situation
85% Zombies: Neighborhood InvsasionZombies: Neighborhood Invsasion
Zombies in Space
85% Zombies in SpaceZombies in Space
85% ZombocalypseZombocalypse
85% Stickman ApocalypseStickman Apocalypse
Earn to Die 2012
85% Earn to Die 2012Earn to Die 2012
Earth Taken 2
85% Earth Taken 2Earth Taken 2
Mass Mayhem: EBZA
84% Mass Mayhem: EBZAMass Mayhem: EBZA
Mass Mayhem 4
84% Mass Mayhem 4Mass Mayhem 4
Tequila Zombies
84% Tequila ZombiesTequila Zombies
Big Pixel Zombies
84% Big Pixel ZombiesBig Pixel Zombies
Undead Run
84% Undead Run
Undead Run
Boxhead 2Play Rooms
84% Boxhead 2Play RoomsBoxhead 2Play Rooms
Bloody Harry
84% Bloody Harry
Bloody Harry
84% ZombinsanityZombinsanity
Knights vs Zombies
84% Knights Vs. ZombiesKnights Vs. Zombies
Tequila Zombies 2
84% Tequila Zombies 2Tequila Zombies 2
The Last Stand
84% The Last StandThe Last Stand
Zombie Assault 2
84% Zombie Assault 2Zombie Assault 2
Left To Die
84% Left To DieLeft To Die
Shotgun vs Zombies
84% Shotgun Vs. ZombiesShotgun Vs. Zombies

Zombie Games


Shoot, slay, and escape from undead evil in our zombie games. Inspired by movies like Dawn of the Dead and games like Resident Evil, our challenges will have you defeating bad guys in style. Choose from a myriad weapons and kill the undead before they eat your brains! In our zombie challenges, the undead are dangerous and relentless. Play through levels of varying difficulty and do whatever you can to defeat evil walkers. Be prepared for gruesome violence, detailed graphics, and undying challenges previously seen only in horror movies!

Our zombie games are addictive and fun to play for all gamers. If you like action, strategy, or puzzles, we have an adventure for you. Play a game of survival and attempt to outlast a virus epidemic. Or, take control and slay every walker in sight in one of our many revenge-based undead challenges. We have many ghostly variations, including sports-themed adventures and 8-bit themes. Younger players will enjoy our cartoon-style challenges, which include colorful graphics and comic drawings. With so many variations, you’ll become a zombie expert.